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Up sk8 bracelet #3. Cédric Chevalley Cédric Chevalley
I was already working on upcycling with kites, skates, bike’s tires and all stuff offering great features to take advantage of.
Having a great time on the road I started to dream about my forthcoming works in the contemporary jewely field.
I set 3 features in my mind :
1St was the excellence of the work
2Nd was to work with upcycling with contemporary jewelry that idea exited me much, why not to use my skill in upcycling to go further with less borders, and doinf things never done before
And the 3rd point was to amaze with the beauty of things we would never admireotherwise.
Another exclusive aspect of the skate’s decks is the additional stories, pains, gains, persistence lived by the riders impregnated into the fiber of the used beloved skate.

A bit of know how is done this collection : Each skate decks are made of 7 plys of mapple tree wood, often layers are colored, I’m personally very exited about this amazing flashy colors, I don’t colored it, that was done before by the skate’s manufactures, I have to choose among the used skate’s deck the ones matching and I assemble them and so on.

-Bracelet are made of used skateboard’s wood, signature made of silver (~150mm/45mm)
- Rings are made of stainless steel and skateboard’s wood.
Up sk8 bracelet #3
Bijoux,  Bracelets
Auteur: Cédric Chevalley
15 x  5 cm  /   5.9 x  2 in
Diamètre 15 cm  /   5.9 in
Poids 0.15 kg   /  0.33 lbs
Matières: Bois  /   Origines: Europe  /   Authenticité: Mis en vente par l’Artiste  /   Types d'Artistes: Artistes professionnels  /   Période: Contemporain  /   Nombre de pièces: 1
Publié: 11 avril, 2017 / Modifié: 11 avril, 2017
Copyright Cédric Chevalley

Up sk8 bracelet #3
3 800 €  2 698 £  4 332 $ 
En vente
Cédric Chevalley
Cédric Chevalley
Artiste sculpteur 
Los Angeles, Etats-Unis
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