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Nixie Number Tube Pendant with Upcycled Electronic and Watch Parts & Rainbow led. Heather Jordan Heather Jordan Jewelry
Just out of the lab… An experimental piece-- with a genuine Soviet Nixie tube as the focal element! First, I set a multi-colored led in uv resin, which was sanded to diffuse the light. That resin block was then set behind an authentic Soviet nixie tube, on black perfboard with a 3v coin cell battery holder on the back. The board was then fitted with a removable wire-wrapped frame, upon which a vast array of upcycled stainless steel watch parts were woven in several layers-- first plates, then gears and finally accent beads, on top. Five glossy hematite beads, set in Sterling silver bead caps complete the otherworldly look of the piece. This is led jewelry on a whole new level!

This pendant measures 66x53x31mm (2.6» X 2.1» X 1.2»), and comes suspended on your choice of chain. The circuitry is sealed in a combination of hot glue and electrical tape to keep out dirt/moisture, while affording access to the circuitry, should that ever be required. The wire-wrapped frame may also be removed (by unscrewing the two nuts & bolts at the top of the frame) to make cleaning easier. Please bear in mind, however that this piece is not waterproof and moisture should be avoided.

This piece comes in a futuristic metal box, with custom-fitted foam inserts to protect this edgy and very precious piece of art. It also ships fully-insured and with international tracking, for your convenience and peace of mind. I also include a clip-on charm with qr code (shown) so you can contact me easily.

No more lame glow-in-the-dark, costume jewelry! This shines brightly and will get you noticed!

*Buy direct from the artist here:
**One 3v cr2032 battery will be included with the jewelry.
***Comes with a signed certificate of authenticity, filled in & signed by the artist; photo of the piece & materials are listed on the reverse side of the card. There is also a little surprise when you push the button!
****All measurements were taken without the battery inserted.
Nixie Number Tube Pendant with Upcycled Electronic and Watch Parts & Rainbow led
Bijoux,  Colliers, Pendentifs
Auteur: Heather Jordan
3 x  5.3 x  6.6 cm  /   1.2 x  2.1 x  2.6 in
Matières: Argent  /   Origines: Arts d'Amérique du Nord  /   Authenticité: Mis en vente par l’Artiste  /   Types d'Artistes: Artistes de loisirs  /   Style: Design du XXème siècle  /   Couleurs: Argenté  /   Période: Contemporain  /  
Publié: 7 avril, 2021 / Modifié: 8 avril, 2021
Copyright Heather Jordan Jewelry

Nixie Number Tube Pendant with Upcycled Electronic and Watch Parts & Rainbow led
395 €  280 £  450 $ 
En vente
Heather Jordan Jewelry
Heather Jordan Jewelry
Créateurs de bijoux 
Toronto, Canada
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