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Forset Notes

Norman Trewhitt Publié: 12 janvier, 2017 / Modifié: 16 janvier, 2017
Forset Notes
The latter half of last year has seen a return to drawing and a shift away from sculpture.
After trawling through several shoe-boxes of photographs also many digital images two main themes have evolved; themes that have been visited in the past, namely the forest and the sea with the occasional nod to ancient architecture such as ruined or semi-ruined buildings as can be seen in my many sketchbooks. More about the sea and the ruins in a later entry. Much of the work is as finished drawings on paper 35 X 50 cms. It seems a good size for me to work in. Drawings from photographs evoke memories of a time when the picture was taken and in the act of drawing these memories make their contribution to the whole [work]. This means the drawing is not a precise rendition of the place but a show of the atmosphere or essence of it.
Forests are collections of individual trees and the forest as a whole is a living organism in its own right. The life or <i>Lebensgewalt</i> is the sum of its living individual components.
Conifers have an almost geometric straightness in their verticality which I like to express with horizontal and vertical lines drawn with technical drawing instruments to generate something of a background mesh. Add to this the tendency for lingering mist and haze and a quasi-abstract quality emerges. «Untitled (17)» is an example (qv).
Conversely, broadleaf tree limbs are much less angular so require much less of the [technical drawing] element. Indeed the limbs of many broadleaf trees twist and turn to resemble blood vessels or the sinuous paths of rivers.
Something of an organic flow but it must not be forgotten that straight lined conifers are organic too.

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