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Kiss of the Siren. Patton Kevin Belcher
It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to offer this fantastic framed Charcoal on Silk entitled «Kiss of the Siren» by Patton and dated 1889. I have been asked to market this beautiful piece for sale as it was my family who sold this at public auction back in 1979. My family has owned and operated an auction company since 1917 and my Grandfather sold this piece at live auction in 1979 from the collection of C. W. Post, the founder of Post Cereals, and what is my understanding, a collector of rare and beautiful art. The purchasers have enjoyed it's beauty every day since as it has hung on the same wall from that sale date in 1979 to present day.

This beautiful work of art is quite large, measuring 57 1/2» wide and 44 1/2» tall. These are inside the frame measurements. The actual frame measures 7 1/2» wide around the entire painting. The glass is original as it has an unusual «thumbprint» pattern in a couple of spots indicating it's age.

The family has made several contacts with experts of art to find out more about this particular piece. In the Museum of Art in Indianapolis, Indiana, there is a color painting of the «Kiss of the Siren» however the one we are offering is the only one known by this group of experts that is in an Earth Tone. It was also expressed that the color painting of the «Kiss of the Siren» was shown in Paris France at many Art Salons for the wealthy to view. It is also been called to our attention that from the Art Salons, many pieces were then taken to show the leaders of countries who were collectors of some of this beautiful art. Many of these pieces were also shown at World's Fairs which brought many of these paintings to North America.

We believe that what we are offering for sale is a «One of Kind» piece that was commissioned to be made and could have been commissioned to be made specifically for Mr. Post himself. It is quite possible that Mr. Post saw «The Kiss of the Siren» and desired it so much that he commissioned Mr. Patton to work his magic and create this wonderful piece of art.

The workmanship was done is such a way that you can really sense the turbulence of the storm as it almost seems to move. This piece really makes one ponder Greek Mythology and the Old, Old stories of ship wrecked sailors being called to from the shores art as they sank.

I apologize for the pictures as it was impossible to take a quality photo without reflection. There will be no shipping on this item - pick-up only.
Kiss of the Siren
Art du XIXème et Ancien,  Peintures,  Composition Mixte
Auteur: Patton
146.1 x  12.7 x  113 cm  /   57.5 x  5 x  44.5 in
Thèmes: Paysage Marin, Bateau  /   Origines: Art Antique  /   Genres: Romantisme  /   Caractéristiques: Signée  /   Authenticité: Inconnu  /   Supports: Sur Soie  /   Période: XIXème  /  
Publié: 28 mai, 2014 / Modifié: 28 mai, 2014
Copyright Kevin Belcher

Kiss of the Siren
131 579 €  93 421 £  150 000 $ 
En vente
Kevin Belcher
Kevin Belcher
Marshall, Etats-Unis
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