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The Wave of Atlantis. Joseph Barbara Joseph Barbara - World of Art
The sleeping ballet dancer in the background is dreaming while resting behind the horizon with her hand touching the water for consolation. She wants to be part of the live dream. She is seeing the dancing couple engrossed in their movements totally immune to what is happening around them. They are hardly noticing their audience watching them on the circular stage surrounded by the beautiful sea and sky. Looking closely at the couple you can see that they are levitating on the large disc emitting a shining ray of light.
This disc is a Mayan calendar that has dropped from the sky into the Atlantian waters producing a tremendous wave, which cannot penetrate into the beam. The strong wave shattering against it shows the strength o the elements although it is ineffective. For thousands of years the disc has been revolving, passing from one lifetime to another keeping special people young and alive forever. The sea-horses, guardians of the lost city of Atlantis waken from their long sleep, came up from the depths to see for themselves what caused the upheaval. They were mesmerised by the brilliance of the beam and water crashing against each other. Soon the wave will cover them completely, but the sleeper dreams on never to wake up.
The Wave of Atlantis
Art Moderne et Contemporain,  Peintures,  Acrylique
Auteur: Joseph Barbara
90 x  90 cm  /   35.4 x  35.4 in
Poids 2 kg   /  4.41 lbs
Thèmes: Art  /   Origines: Europe  /   Genres: Surréalisme  /   Caractéristiques: Signée  /   Authenticité: Original  /   Supports: Sur Toile  /   Période: Contemporain  /  
Publié: 27 novembre, 2015 / Modifié: 27 novembre, 2015
Copyright Joseph Barbara - World of Art

Nima , 6 janvier
Superbe ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Membre Premium Lisette , 3 janvier
Pour toi, très spécial, je t’offre tout mes voeux :
Une bonne santé et des montagnes de chance
Une année plein de joie et de créativité
Bonne année
The Wave of Atlantis
3 150 €  2 237 £  3 591 $ 
En vente
Joseph Barbara - World of Art
Joseph Barbara - World of Art
Mosta, Malte
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