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Le professeur. Bari Andria Bari Andria
Hello, Born in 196, from Madagascar, I have always been interested in photography, I have always with me a camera when I go…

My passion for photography began in 1985. My uncle offered me a film camera after my bachelor's degree. I started to take pictures during my military service, I took pictures of my friends (i still negative). I tinkered my device with the help of my radio repairman, instead of taking 36 to 72 poses. I just sell my photos to half price, business requires. I have traveled the east coast of Madagascar in taking pictures and before continuing my studies in France, I lost my camera in a station.

After graduate school, I worked at Kodak for developments and Prints. We get dandruff to 17 hours and must deliver the next day. It was a beautiful adventure before the digital camera invade the market.
My mastery of technique and my experience allowed me to produce reports for weddings and landscapes. I have filed a post in Parisian galleries. This is my second job. And I lecture to an association. Share photos that many people cannot see in terms of landscapes and especially free of emotion in photo composition, a photo must be able to tell a story just by looking.

Founder of the Association kolo partner of unesco foreign language (, we organize at least twice a year in a Malagasy dictated the goal of learning the Malagasy language. Amboara member of the association (amboara. Org) that raises funds to build and renovate schools in Madagascar, I offer the benefits of my work in these associations.

Fancy a session, a report, come treat yourself to living an exceptional experience.
Share a time because each session is unique in its emotions.

Feel free to contact me for information about the various photographic services I offer.

Andria Bari
Le professeur
Oeuvres d'Artistes,  Photographies,  Impressions Numériques
Auteur: Bari Andria
90 x  60 x  0.8 cm  /   35.4 x  23.6 x  0.3 in
Sous-types: Albuminé, Salé  /   Thèmes: Personnages  /   Origines: Arts d'Afrique  /   Authenticité: Mis en vente par l’Artiste  /   Types d'Artistes: Artistes de galeries  /   Teinte Photo: Noir et Blanc  /   Période: Contemporain  /   Nombre de pièces: 1
Publié: 5 octobre, 2016 / Modifié: 6 octobre, 2016
Copyright Bari Andria

Membre Premium Doowmée , 7 octobre
Doowmée, 7 octobre
Ps vous êtes incroyablement conservé pour avoir 1820 ans ! Une petite erreur c'est glissée dans votre présentation :lol: … Mais cela n'empêche pas vos photos d'être très parlantes et très belles. Cordialement
Le professeur
449 €  319 £  512 $ 
Sur commande
Bari Andria
Bari Andria
Artiste photographe 
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