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International art symposium arcimboldo prize - the scent of art-call for artists. Queenartstudio Gallery Queenartstudio Gallery
International art symposium
Arcimboldo prize -
​'​The scent of art​'​
All artists are invited to take part in the new free-theme event at QueenArtStudio Gallery. The International Expo will be a multi-sensory, tactile-visual journey in which painting will merge with the art of perfume-manifacturing. It will be a limitless, many-faceted art universe where scents and fragrances will not be only minor matters, rather a hint for reflection, experimentation and expression patterns.

The protagonists of the Expo will then be the various fragrances matched with paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs and graphics.
The proposal of our Team is to combine all the selected Works of Visual Art with a perfume intentionally created and tied to the Work of Art itself. This project will be remarkably stimulating for all our senses, not only for our sight.
When looking at a painting we admire its design, colour, elegance of the brush-stroke. However, none os us ever thinks of its perfume. Art too has its unique fragrance that tells a story, evokes images and memories we have never lived.
Art and olfaction are very close worlds. Painters use their palette colours and at the same time their «noses» select the odours for their works, in order to create unforgettable fragrances.
So, let us observe a painting showing some fruits: their colours are so bright as to make us believe we cloud just reach out for one of these fruits.
For example, in the painting by Cézanne, how do the oranges on the two trays set on the linen cloths, with a rose-decorated jug and a curtain with laurel leaves painted on it in the background, smell?
What is missing here? The parfume! Which odours would the painters smell while creating his work?
Which fragrances did Michelangelo smell while painting the Vault fo Sistina Chapel? What about Van Gogh dipicting his Sun-flowers? And again, Arcimboldo, while painting his characters full of seasonal fragrances of flowers, fruits and herbs, shrubs and vegetables?
Therefore, in the exibition every element in the painting will be combined with a purposely manufactured perfume which will become the very fragrance of that work of art, so that by watching the work we shall be able to smell oranges or rose petals, laurel or linen cloth, wood, iron, the perfume of the sea, grass, incense, linseed oil… In a few words, all the elements in the painting or sculpture.
The essences of patchouli, vanilla and spices, cinnamon and somethimes amber fragrances will give quite involving and luxuriant olfactive sensations that can evoke distant worlds…
The calone and dihydromyrcenol, for example, will express a desire of purification and escape towards open spaces… Vanilla, chocolate, caramel and milk will remind us of our childhood time and transport us in to a reassuring and enticing universe… The traditional galbanum and violet essences will offer us the fragrances of spring leaves, vegetal lymph, chlorophyll together with fizzy citrus smell. And all of a sudden, our nostrils will be filled with the perfume suggested by the painting.

The exibition will be held at Galleria Papafava dei Carrarresi, in the centre of Padova, from June 10th to June 24th, 2017 during the Saint Anthony's Celebrations, when the City will be crowded with tourists and pilgrims.

All selected works will be awarded a Certificate
​Of Merit​ and a ​Gold ​Medal. Moreover, they will be given a gift: a perfume named «Symposium of Art of (name of the Artist)» created by our perfume-manufacturing master.
The first 3 works selected by the jury will win a 3-artist exibithion at Galleria Papafava dei Carraresi in Padova, on a date to be fixed.
The subsequent 3 works will be given a coupon to be used in future events at Queen Art Studio.

On June 10th, 2017, at 6:30 pm, during the Vernissage - Art Aperitif, the perfume-manufacturing master, will invite all guests to make their own parfume, using essential oils, and will be glad to help them with their creations.

Video-catalogue, paper catalogue, patronages, invitations, bills of the exibition, advertising in daily newspapers, sites and network on line.

Perfume is magic. It is mistery. We recreate the odour of a flower. Of wood. Of grass. We capture the essence of life. We liquify it. We entrap memories. We have dreams. What we do is a wonder, an art and we are responsible for doing it well. (Mj Rose)


To participate please return the completed form to this email as soon as possible
The accessions will continue until end of spaces available


Maria Grazia Todaro Art Director

QueenArtStudio ​Gallery​
​Centro Espositivo di Arte Internazionale
Palazzo Papafava dei Carraresi-Padova​
Tel +39 3346447738
International art symposium arcimboldo prize - the scent of art-call for artists
Oeuvres d'Artistes,  Autres,  Autres types d'art
Auteur: Queenartstudio Gallery
Publié: 10 avril, 2017 / Modifié: 10 avril, 2017
Copyright Queenartstudio Gallery

International art symposium arcimboldo prize - the scent of art-call for artists
Prix non public
Queenartstudio Gallery
Queenartstudio Gallery
Galerie d'Art moderne & contemporain 
Padova, Italie
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