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Andy Warhol lithograph Marilyn Monroe signed numbered authenticated II. 22 2269. Andy Warhol Elcoco
Andy Warhol, signed in print & numbered stamp authenticated by editor cmoa (Carnegie Museum of Art)

I'm offering a rare lithograph from the series of Marilyn Monroes in 10 different colours from andy warhol (6.8.1928 – 22.2.1987).


Artist: Andy warhol

Arch / Motive: 60 * 60 cm (23.62 * 23.62 inch)

Motive: Marilyn Monroe, 1967

Editor: Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute Pittsburgh

Year of Edition: 1986

Limited Edition: 2269 / 2400 / numbered with pencil on front

Reference: f/s # II. 22

Signature: signed in stone (printed signature)

Authentification: stamped on verso cmoa (stamp authenticated)

Condition: perfect, no tears & creases

This unique print is from a limited edition and not like the often offered unlimited prints from Andy Warhol with the note, published by Sunday B. Morning» and, fill in your own signature». You get here an incomparable signed in print lithography with a lasting and a steady rising value.

Quotation from Portraits of the 70's: «That Warhol could paint simultaneously Warren Beatty and electric chairs, Troy Donahue and race riots, Marilyn Monroe and fatal crashes, may seem the peculiar product of perversely cool and passive personality until we realize that this numb, voyeuristic view of contemporary life, in which the grave and the trivial, the fashionable and the horrifying, blandly coexist as passing spectacles, is a deadly accurate mirror of a commonplace experience in modern art and life. »

Please see my other warhol offers!


Coa: The only serious coa for Warhol prints comes from the Board of the Warhol Foundation. The examination costs are all in all about $ 2000. It will be issued for handsigned lithographies or handpaintings which have value of min. $ 20000.

Provenance: All the offered prints come directly from the editor.

The spot on the upper side is a magnet for fixing the print.

Paypal & Moneybookers
Wire to us or Swiss bank account

By air from Switzerland
Solid packaging guaranteed
Canada, usa $ 65
Europe $ 35 (To eu countries shipped from Austria, in this way you do not have any more expenses for vat & duty)
Overseas $ 75
Andy Warhol lithograph Marilyn Monroe signed numbered authenticated II. 22 2269
Oeuvres d'Artistes,  Estampes,  Lithographies
Auteur: Andy Warhol
60 x  60 cm  /   23.6 x  23.6 in
Thèmes: Personnages  /   Origines: Arts d'Amérique du Nord  /   Genres: Pop Art  /   Caractéristiques: Série  /   Authenticité: Tirage Original  /   Types d'Artistes: Artistes professionnels  /   Supports: Sur Papier  /   Période: Contemporain  /  
Publié: 17 février, 2019 / Modifié: 7 juin, 2022
Copyright Elcoco

Andy Warhol lithograph Marilyn Monroe signed numbered authenticated II. 22 2269
1 132 €  803 £  1 290 $ 
En vente
Staad, Suisse
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