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Out of the cavern erupt. Me Daniel Ross
'Out of the cavern erupt’

Eurasian magpie/Common magpie -
Pica pica

25 X 35.56 cm, 10 X 14 inches, Pencil, Acrylic, Acrylic gloss gel medium, Gouache and Fine-liner Pen on 300gsm not watercolor paper

With this painting I was trying something a bit different. I have been thinking about myths and mythology lately, and how it influenced the old masters and about how painting used to be more a medium of storytelling than it perhaps is today. I was considering where painting birds fits into all this, birds certainly represent freedom to many people and the ethereal beauty of the world, the inherent transience of its nature. Birds have always figured in folklore and legend and they have featured in art one way or another since the dawn of time. We have seemingly not lost our fascination with these winged agents of freedom zipping of to some other abode or other apparently at whim and on their own accord.
Out of the cavern erupt
Oeuvres d'Artistes,  Peintures,  Composition Mixte
Auteur: Me
25 x  35.5 cm  /   9.8 x  14 in
Diamètre 0.2 cm  /   0.1 in
Poids 0.2 kg   /  0.44 lbs
Thèmes: Animaux Sauvages  /   Origines: Royaume-Uni  /   Genres: Réalisme  /   Caractéristiques: Signée  /   Authenticité: Mis en vente par l’Artiste  /   Types d'Artistes: Artistes de loisirs  /   Supports: Sur Papier  /   Courant Artistique: Peinture Anglaise  /   Période: Contemporain  /   Nombre de pièces: 1
Publié: 21 avril, 2019 / Modifié: 21 avril, 2019
Copyright Daniel Ross

Patricia Vivier Robert » Pat V »
Sophie Ackermann
Sophie Ackermann , 21 avril
Out of the cavern erupt
80 €  57 £  91 $ 
En vente
Daniel Ross
Daniel Ross
Artiste peintre 
Skipton, Royaume Uni
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