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Krishna with Meera Bai. Vishal Vishal Gurjar Art
This painting is based on religious art. Yogini Meera, also known as Meera Bai or Mirabai was a Hindu mystic poet of the Bhakti movement. She referred to the Lord, whom she saw as her husband, with different names like Satguru, Prabhu Ji, Girdhar Nagar, Krishna. She even called him the husband of her soul. Due to her mother, her in-laws disapproved of her public singing and dancing as she belonged to a Royal Family of Mewar and was a princess. This art is very attractive art this art is very beautiful art on the canvas we used acrylic and oil mixed media The painting is in excellent condition and is unframed. This is shipped in tubular box & can be hanged on walls. This modern art depicts a vivid collaboration of colors you can use this painting for home, schools, temples, hotels, etc amazing artwork
Krishna with Meera Bai
Oeuvres d'Artistes,  Peintures,  Composition Mixte
Auteur: Vishal
61 x  91.4 cm  /   24 x  36 in
Poids 1 kg   /  2.2 lbs
Thèmes: Religion, Spirituel  /   Origines: Arts d'Indes  /   Genres: Réalisme  /   Authenticité: Original  /   Types d'Artistes: Artistes de loisirs  /   Supports: Sur Toile  /   Teinte Photo: Couleur  /   Nombre de pièces: 1
Publié: 21 septembre, 2019 / Modifié: 21 septembre, 2019
Copyright Vishal Gurjar Art

Krishna with Meera Bai
474 €  336 £  540 $ 
En vente
Vishal Gurjar Art
Vishal Gurjar Art
Jodhpur, Inde
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