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The Dutch Cook. Aldo Camargo Vilella Aldo Camargo
The Dutch Cook
Dutch Period Customs Scene
Drawing by Aldo Camargo
Inspired by the work
Study Reference: De ketelschuurster – Abraham van Strij
More information on my Facebook Explanatory Page:
Https:// (i also invite other fellow artists to visit me on my page to: talk, questions, suggestions, criticism, doubts, etc. And friends list - everyone is welcome for a visit)

Drawing: Pastel Oil Pentel on Paper Canson.
Paper size: a4
Frame and glass are required to put on the wall but are not included in the sale.

I present to you my works in oil pastel chalk on the masters of the golden century of Dutch painting, I love this era of very talented masters and an important artistic reference for the world in quality art. I am starting professionally in a short time and I hope to have a very promising career because I am very talented and capricious, and I am an art student for many years focusing on Dutch Baroque and Italian Renaissance. The works are entirely my own, signed on the back and accompanied by warranty certificates. I chose works of great quality and archived in the most important museums, if you wish you can buy the complete collection with the various drawings I made or just a few and make a collection of a very promising artist at simple prices. It is difficult to draw the details that I like so much with pastel chalk bars in such a small space, one must also consider that the pastel chalk does not have the plasticity, color mix and brightness that the oil paint, for example; but I think it was a good job.

As I hope that my audience respond positively to my work, I do my work with as much caprice as possible and with high quality materials, so I always inform them without fear, the high quality helps in preservation, presentation and durability; has to do with the honesty of the artist in not using third-party materials at first-class prices. I do an extensive study of the figure before drawing, type of scene, position of the figure, colors, etc… The images that I use as inspiration are taken from collections and research centers of various professionals, my work compares to works of art with a few modern techniques and drawing materials.

Works created between October and November 2019, recent.
Affordable prices to start activities at ArtQuid Gallery.
Level - art student

Technical information:
Material: Pentel, Japanese trade mark, oil pastel.
Brilliant colored pastels apply smoothly and blend easily for subtle shades, tints and color mixtures
Easy to use for artists of all ages
Acid-free pastels are ideal for use on paper, board or canvas
More vivid than chalk pastels and more resistant to the effects of humidity for longer-lasting drawings
Acmi Certified

The work was made in Paper Canson special for painting and quality drawing.
The Canson® Paint Block has the exclusive Canson® Double Face paper, specially designed for lots of paint in the Art Education classes.
Because it is a heavyweight paper, it is especially suitable for painting with various types of paints such as; gouache, acrylic, plastic, etc. Besides the paintings can be used for dry techniques such as: colored pencil, crayons, graphite and so on.
• Made in France, within the strictest quality standards
• Canson® Double-sided Heavyweight Paper
• Neutral pH, which prevents paper yellowing
• Glue: Pasted in the Pasta
• Has treatment against fungi and bacteria
• Weight: 300g / m²
• Formats: a4 and a3
Use: Gouache, acrylic, pastel, watercolor and etc.

A little of the theme:
Van Strij was born and died in Dordrecht. According to the rkd he was the son of Leendert and the brother of Jacob. Both he and his brother were pupils of his father, and after taking lessons from Joris Ponse, Abraham joined his father's workshop. He was a member of the Dordrecht Guild of St. Luke and later its director. His son Abraham II also became a painter, and besides his son, he and his brother took on pupils after taking over their father's workshop. Their pupils were Pieter Rudolph Kleijn, Johannes van Lexmond, Jacob de Meijer, Johannes Rutten, Johannes Schoenmakers, Johannes Christiaan Schotel, and Gillis Smak Gregoor.
The Dutch Cook
Oeuvres d'Artistes,  Dessins,  Crayon, Pastel, Encre
Auteur: Aldo Camargo Vilella
0.1 x  21 x  30 cm  /   0 x  8.3 x  11.8 in
Poids 2 kg   /  4.41 lbs
Sous-types: Pastel  /   Thèmes: Scène de Genre  /   Origines: Arts d'Amérique Latine  /   Genres: Baroque  /   Caractéristiques: Etude  /   Authenticité: Mis en vente par l’Artiste  /   Types d'Artistes: Artistes de loisirs  /   Période: Contemporain  /  
Publié: 6 janvier, 2020 / Modifié: 12 mars, 2020
Copyright Aldo Camargo

Marisol Usandegi
Membre Premium Marisol Usandegi , 3 mars
!! Fantástica realización, me gusta mucho !!
The Dutch Cook
219 €  156 £  250 $ 
En vente
Aldo Camargo
Aldo Camargo
Artiste pastelliste 
Rio De Janeiro, Brésil
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