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Draw Pencil Colored inspired by Pierre Mignard - The Virgin with the grapes. Aldo Camargo Vilella Aldo Camargo
Colored Pencil Drawing inspired by the work:
Pierre Mignard - The Virgin with the grapes, 1640. Original canvas, oil painting, Louvre Museum, France
Contemporary Art 100% original straight from the artist's studio.
Works created: february / 2020
Drawing: Pencil Colored Faber Castell EcoSoft on Paper Canson 300g.
Paper size: A3.42cmx30cm
Frame and glass are required to put on the wall but are not included in the sale.

Thank you for choosing this job!
«Read the ad to the end»

I present to you my work drawing in colored pencils inspired by old paintings. I am very talented and capricious, and I have been an art student for many years with a focus on Dutch Baroque and the Italian Renaissance. The works are entirely mine, signed on the back and accompanied by certificates of authenticity. I chose works of excellent quality, made by a very promising artist at simple prices. In this work by master Pierre Mignard, called The Virgin of the Grapes, 1640, this painting is found in the Louvre Museum; I love this painting and its conception, I hope one day I will go to France and visit the Louvre and be able to see the canvases that I like the closest, at the moment I only see them through Google Images, I tried to capture the spirit of the Baroque period that I love so much, no it was the same because I used the photo that I was able to get besides different materials, in this case, the painting was done with oil paint that is rich in plasticity, my drawing was done with faber-castell colored pencils, I don't have the complete color collection and it is difficult to draw because the pencils do not have the ability to mix colors, I changed some colors, but I kept the idea and the design, the concept and the magical and mysterious style of the time, but I think it was good.

The sale includes: commission from the gallery, packaging, transport, taxes and banking services, I offer super affordable works almost at the price of a print, but original; what's the difference? An impression, even at a low price, has no value outside the store, while the original colors are real and gain market value, especially from an emerging artist. As I expect my audience to respond positively to my work, I do my job with as much care as possible and with high quality materials, so that I always inform them without fear, the high quality helps in preservation, presentation and durability; it has to do with the artist's honesty in not using third-party materials at first-class prices. I do an extensive study of the figure before drawing, type of scene, position of the figure, colors, etc. The images I use as inspiration are taken from collections and research centers of various professionals; my work compares to old works of art with some modern techniques and drawing materials.

Pierre Mignard (Troyes, 7 November 1612 - Paris, 30 May 1695) was a French painter. It was known as «The Roman Mignard» and also known as «Pierre Mignard Trecensis» (Pierre Mignard de Troyes). He was born into a family of artists, and was the brother of another painter, Nicolas Mignard. He studied with Simon Vouet and in 1630 traveled to Italy, where he remained for 22 years. Returning to Paris, he made a portrait of the king who earned him the favor of the court, but rejected Charles Le Brun's invitation to join the Academy, pitting himself against his authority and assembling a party around him. But his career as a portraitist progressed, painting numerous members of the high nobility and intellectuals, such as Molière, Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet, the Marquise de Maintenon, the Marquise de Sévigné and Descartes. With Le Brun's death in 1690, he succeeded him in all the positions held by his former opponent, but he would soon pass away, when he was about to start decorating the Invalides'dome. His best works were reproduced in engraving by Gerard Edelinck.

Technical information:
Faber-castell trade mark, pencil colored EcoSoft

The work was made in Paper Canson special for painting and quality drawing.
The Canson® Paint Block has the exclusive Canson® Double Face paper, specially designed for lots of paint in the Art Education classes.
Because it is a heavyweight paper, it is especially suitable for painting with various types of paints such as; gouache, acrylic, plastic, etc. Besides the paintings can be used for dry techniques such as: colored pencil, crayons, graphite and so on.
• Made in France, within the strictest quality standards
• Canson® Double-sided Heavyweight Paper
• Neutral pH, which prevents paper yellowing
• Has treatment against fungi and bacteria
• Weight: 300g / m²
• Formats: a4 and a3
Use: Gouache, acrylic, pastel, watercolor and etc.

Thank you for your attention
Draw Pencil Colored inspired by Pierre Mignard - The Virgin with the grapes
Oeuvres d'Artistes,  Dessins,  Crayon, Pastel, Encre
Auteur: Aldo Camargo Vilella
1 x  30 x  42 cm  /   0.4 x  11.8 x  16.5 in
Poids 2 kg   /  4.41 lbs
Sous-types: Crayons de couleur  /   Thèmes: Religion, Spirituel  /   Origines: Arts d'Amérique Latine  /   Genres: Baroque  /   Caractéristiques: Etude  /   Authenticité: Original  /   Types d'Artistes: Artistes de loisirs  /   Période: Contemporain  /  
Publié: 7 mars, 2020 / Modifié: 12 mars, 2020
Copyright Aldo Camargo

Marisol Usandegi
Membre Premium Marisol Usandegi , 8 mars
!! Fantástica realización !!
Aldo Camargo
Aldo Camargo , 8 mars
Merci pour ton commentaire, ami artiste!
Membre Premium Domino , 7 mars
Bravo pour ton talent. Bien amicalement Patricia
Draw Pencil Colored inspired by Pierre Mignard - The Virgin with the grapes
263 €  187 £  300 $ 
En vente
Aldo Camargo
Aldo Camargo
Artiste pastelliste 
Rio De Janeiro, Brésil
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