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Égoportrait nr. 24. Stephane Martineau Stephane Martineau
I paint impermanence by representing the decrepitude of the material, the support, and the subject.
This decay is expressed by the texture treated in trompe l'oeil, sometimes, integrated flat onto the support, sometimes according to the volume of the subject in playful jousting of juxtapositions between the representation of reality and reality itself.
My work is an allegory bringing in opposition the imperishable with the perishable, by proposing images that contradict the instantaneity, the ephemeral youth, the seduction, the desire, answering the stereotypes of beauty that we find in the self-portrait (/ selfie) with the passage and the outrage of time, symbolized by the canvas - the support - which will seem torn or disintegrated in some paintings, while the matter/ the painting itself as a medium, will seem decrepit.
I favor the images reflected in the mirrors often used in this popular photographic genre and which are also one of the elements used in painting genre called «vanities» and «Still life» from the 17th century.
As I paint my compositions, I depict decompositions that result in some sort of contemporary vanity.

This series is called «Egoportraits».
The technique used is acrylic painting on canvas.
The format of the tables in this series is 70 cm X 100 cm / 27 inches / 39 inches
Berlin, March 2020
Égoportrait nr. 24
Oeuvres d'Artistes,  Peintures,  Acrylique
Auteur: Stephane Martineau
3 x  70 x  100 cm  /   1.2 x  27.6 x  39.4 in
Poids 4 kg   /  8.82 lbs
Publié: 9 juillet, 2020 / Modifié: 9 juillet, 2020
Copyright Stephane Martineau

Stephane Martineau
Stephane Martineau , 11 juillet
Patricia Vivier Robert » Pat V »
Membre Premium Patricia Vivier Robert » Pat V » , 10 juillet
Égoportrait nr. 24
3 500 €  2 485 £  3 990 $ 
En vente
Stephane Martineau
Stephane Martineau
Artiste peintre 
Berlin, Allemagne
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