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Geesje Kwak – 13-08-21. Corné Akkers Corné Akkers Kunstwerken
Another Meet-up

After I drew the portrait of Geesje Kwak last month I discovered another picture taken by Breitner. It is slightly different and shows a bigger part of her body rather than her face only. Accidentally a motif comes around that keeps popping up in one’s head. Geesje certainly keeps inspiring me multiple times. Next to her lovely facial features and slender youthful artistic appearance there was another reason to meet her once again. Perhaps it is the desire to study fabrics, folds and garments. They show lovely angular but also rounded plains and linear structures. I think they fit in my cubist search perfectly and frankly, I did not employ them much in my work.

Sharp Light and Dark Division

The reference picture showed Geesje in an overexposed garden, perhaps Breitner’s own backyard. Consequently the surface division ensures a sharp division between very light and extreme dark plains with sharp contour delineations. Although or maybe thanks to the grainy quality of the picture it was dead-easy for me to abstract the scene. The photo abstracted a lot of the fun part for me anyway. I made sure the overlit parts communicated with the negative space around them, embedding Geesje in the garden.

Sparky Bushes

The only think worrying me was the bushy material behind her and some kind of fence hovering over her head. It did not contribute any value but without any background she looks like a thin nail. There simply would be too much negative space around her. The big plain to the left of her body the bushes were most promiment. I extrapolated directions of the plane division in her dress towards that left part by means of some linear structures. This way I was able to sketch some sparky light and dark plains around them. They represent the light and dark on the bushy leaves in a styled way.

Graphite pencil (Sakura 0.5 mm, Pentel 4b) drawing Talens Bristol paper (21 X 29.7 X 0.1 cm)
Artist: Corné Akkers
Geesje Kwak – 13-08-21
Oeuvres d'Artistes,  Dessins,  Crayon, Pastel, Encre
Auteur: Corné Akkers
0.1 x  21 x  29.7 cm  /   0 x  8.3 x  11.7 in
Poids 0.02 kg   /  0.04 lbs
Sous-types: Crayon  /   Thèmes: Personnages  /   Origines: Europe  /   Genres: Cubisme  /   Caractéristiques: Signée  /   Authenticité: Original  /   Types d'Artistes: Artistes professionnels  /   Période: Contemporain  /  
Publié: 14 août, 2021 / Modifié: 1 février, 2022
Copyright Corné Akkers Kunstwerken

Marisol Usandegi
Membre Premium Marisol Usandegi , 2 septembre
Fantástica realizacion precioso.
Geesje Kwak – 13-08-21
1 500 €  1 065 £  1 710 $ 
En vente
Corné Akkers Kunstwerken
Corné Akkers Kunstwerken
Artiste peintre 
Den Haag, Pays-Bas
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