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Sikhote-Alin Meteorite Pendant with Peridot. Heather Jordan Heather Jordan Jewelry
From the depths of space to the palm of your hand, this lovely, handcrafted pendant was made with a shrapnel fragment from the Sikhote-Alin meteorite, wrapped in antiqued Sterling silver wire and gem-quality, faceted peridot beads. The wire was oxidized, the meteorite was coated in clear lacquer to resist corrosion then the silver wire was polished to bring out textural variations in the weave. The whole pendant, measures 25x19x13mm (1.0» X 0.7» X 0.5») and comes suspended on your choice of chain. This is truly a one-of-a-kind piece and there will never be another like it!

Sikhote-Alin is an iron meteorite that fell in 1947 on the Sikhote-Alin Mountains in southeastern Siberia and was among the largest observed meteorite falls in recorded history. On February 12th, 1947 at approximately 10:30 eyewitnesses in the Sikhote-Alin Mountains, Primorye, Soviet Union, saw a massive object, brighter than the Sun, coming from the north as it fell. The impact could be heard/seen for nearly 200 miles around site of impact. As the meteor entered the atmosphere, it began to break apart into fragments, with the biggest mass breaking up in an air burst. The strewn field covered an area of about half a square mile with some fragments in impact craters, while others were driven into surrounding trees. It is thought the orbit of the original meteor, which ultimately collided with Earth, resulted from collisions in the asteroid belt.

This piece comes in a luxurious, black velvet jeweler's box, contained in a cardboard outer shell (so you can wrap the box without damaging the velvet); perfect for gift-giving. This is an heirloom-quality piece you can treasure for many years to come. This ships fully-insured and with international tracking, for your convenience and peace of mind. Makes a great gift for the space enthusiast in your life!

*Iron meteorites contain significant amounts of nickel so if you have an allergy or sensitivity to this metal, you should not wear, or handle this item.
**Comes with certificate of authenticity, filled in & signed by the artist; photo of the piece & materials are listed on the reverse side of the card.
***Buy direct from the artist here:
Sikhote-Alin Meteorite Pendant with Peridot
Bijoux,  Colliers, Pendentifs
Auteur: Heather Jordan
1.3 x  1.8 x  2.5 cm  /   0.5 x  0.7 x  1 in
Matières: Argent  /   Origines: Arts d'Amérique du Nord  /   Authenticité: Mis en vente par l’Artiste  /   Types d'Artistes: Artistes de loisirs  /   Style: Design du XXème siècle  /   Couleurs: Argenté  /   Période: Contemporain  /  
Publié: 17 octobre, 2021 / Modifié: 6 janvier, 2022
Copyright Heather Jordan Jewelry

Sikhote-Alin Meteorite Pendant with Peridot
149 €  106 £  170 $ 
Heather Jordan Jewelry
Heather Jordan Jewelry
Créateurs de bijoux 
Toronto, Canada
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