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Yoga Art: Combining Two Loves

Jerry Ralya Publié: 5 décembre, 2012 / Modifié: 5 décembre, 2012
Yoga Art: Combining Two Loves
I had been making pastel drawings of people in motion, ballet dancers, and others for several years when I first took a yoga class. I soon realized that the energetic intensity--even the spirituality--of yoga would lend itself to drawing. So I began a series of nude yoga drawings. I've done 14 now over a period of 2 years and feel that I'm just getting started.

Most of the yoga art I have seen falls into two categories. The first focuses on difficult poses that might be labeled “Don’t try this at home”—that is, mainly the inverted positions. These are the spectacular poses, which are only a small part of yoga. The second category gives a kind of survey of the full range of yoga poses. These can be useful as a reference, in the same way that an encyclopedia is useful.

My focus is different. My models love yoga, my principal model teaches it, and yoga is an important and exciting part of my own life. The focus in my yoga series is on the beauty and spirituality that I find when people who love yoga are doing yoga. What I’m after is as simple as that—yet perhaps not so simple. The inherent power of yoga can be expressed in all positions and even by the way the light falls. The models feel the pull of yoga, I feel it when I am working with them and drawing from them, and it is my hope that the viewer will feel something of this beauty and power, too.
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Membre Premium Marie D, 8 décembre
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