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Artists and Buyers: Do We Want to Know Each Other?

Jerry Ralya Publié: 16 mars, 2013 / Modifié: 17 mars, 2013
Artists and Buyers: Do We Want to Know Each Other?
Here is a simple survey. If you will give your answers as comments, I will tally them and post the results in a follow-up article.

Artists: 1. Do you want to know or have contact with your buyers? 2. Why or why not?

Buyers: 1. Do you want to know or have contact with the people who made the art you buy (assuming they are alive)? 2. Why or why not?

I will add my own personal preference. As an artist, I like to have some kind of contact with the people who buy my art. Such as meeting them in my studio, speaking with them at a gallery reception, or even by e-mail if they buy online. I'm not sure why I like it, but I do.

I do also buy other people's art. As a buyer, knowing something about the person who made the art makes having it hang on my wall a richer experience.

What do you think?
Plus d'informations:
Richard Orlowicz Dit Ror, Artiste Côté. Poète.
Richard Orlowicz Dit Ror, Artiste Côté. Poète., 1 juillet
Vraiment beau les nus avec des details qui capture l'oeil du néophyte, ou du professionnel bravo l'artiste.
Ayala Andre
Membre Premium Ayala Andre, 8 août
Dear friend, you are absolutely right…
Personally, I agree with you. Have contact with the customer is very important.
Good day to you and good creation…
Daro Pohl
Daro Pohl, 17 décembre
As an artist, I'd prefer to meet the buyer, in person or by email. For me, it completes the creative process, knowing and interacting with the new owner of my'offspring'.
Herbert French
Herbert French, 28 mars
Hi, I am really not sure of such a necessity. If needed and asked for, yes, I will present and explain myself to the buyers but than I am afraid to spoil the likeliness they may have toward my work. In the other hand, for me knowing better the buyers could help to figure out the emotion and rationale behind the act of choosing one piece of art and not the other.
C f Vay
Membre Premium C f Vay, 27 mars
I think it is very normal that the artist wants to know who buys her works, not always it is possible but when it is the buyer becomes a freind and I like to think that I also become a freind to the buyer, not just the artist, the paintings for me, as an artist, are part of me, for that reason I like to know who buys it.
When it is possible.
Marie D
Membre Premium Marie D, 18 mars
C'est un bien joli dessin qui est plein de prestance pour ce beau nu en guise de passeport pour les discussions entre acheteurs et vendeurs. Un article d'une grande valeur pour exprimer la convivialité et le respect d'autrui. Toutes mes félicitations Jerry.

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