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My unexplainable love for my artworks

Tinuoye Akinwunmi Publié: 16 février, 2011 / Modifié: 13 décembre, 2012
My unexplainable love for my artworks As far back as my primary school I loved to draw it was at my finger tips and I began developing it and keeping them even during other subject classes I would draw sometimes the teachers sometimes would catch me and tear the drawings up and punish me. I continued until high school and when I got into the university I began to document and keep everything I did and watch how I improved over the years. Behold this paid off I had a wardrobe I kept these things I was able to derive many things such as 33 comic book stories, posters, t shirt designs and right now I have lost count of my drawings and I have kept them all properly and I can easily compare drawings I did ten years ago and now and I have seen agreat improvement and I must tell you im getting better and better I cant believe it myself. Some of the paper I used over the years that it is either changing colour or it the edges are beginning to tear. Thanks to technology one can scan these artworks and store them on aflash or external hard drive. Ialways had passion for drawing then I later learnt how to paint oil on canvas and this is another interesting world of its own to explore. I immediately knew that I would take life as a lifetime thing until I grew old and grey so far I dont tremble in old age, I guess I will continue to draw even then. I love cartoons and movies I draw most of my inspirations from these for my cartoons and comic books I take special care I love to draw handsome and beautiful model looking women in my books even the bad villians are pretty and fine too. I admire my works somuch sometimes I begin to fallin love with it as if it were a living thing similar to the feelings you have for a loved one like your wife. I have lost some works like therewas an occassion I forgot a comic book in church on the chair I sat and probably some kid ran off with it I was so angry with myself and another instance I forgot a comic book I took time too draw and colour with coloured pencils with my luggage on the bus I was going back to school and I was not at all concerned with my clothes and shoes that I lost but my artwork because one cannot produce it againi was angry again. If I may have any advice for other artists I recommend proper documentation then you can continue to enhance and improve on old artworks you have done over the years because I must tell you the truth there is no such thing as finishing an artwork because every touch you add to it enhances or spoils it totally. One cannot produce a work of art twice no matter how hard you try thats why documentation is important so you can always have the master copy.

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