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Exhibition in May 2016

Dragonz Art Publié: 30 janvier, 2017 / Modifié: 30 janvier, 2017
Exhibition in May 2016
I had an exhibition of over 100 pieces of my work in May 2016.
Due to suffering another stroke (I've now suffered 5 major episodes and come through them reasonably safe), I could only manage taking on five days. Advertising fell short because the venue was undergoing major changes and I had to redo the posters several times & the last review of timings arrived too late to get distributed.
The event was successful though and the sale of one of my larger artworks paid for the exhibit, leaving me thrilled with the fact that I sold a dozen pictures. The fact that the number of visitors was well above normal for a «bad» time of year at the Gallery and so many pieces were sold without advertising made it very worthwhile.
The whole thing was a big learning curve & now have plenty of notes on how to improve on things in the future. Being invited to return there any time in the future was also a rather nice compliment from the gallery. It was the first time that the gallery had shown Fantasy Art and I was only sad about the fact that all of my oil paintings had been sold before the event took place. I did include a number of different artworks loaned to me by their owners in order to show examples of my portraiture, sign writing and painting though, so had a number of inquiries about those.
My main thoughts about the whole thing was that I should have included a Large artwork to work on, rather than the small ones I actually used; the fact that I had no way to take payment through credit, or debit cards and finally, that most exhibitors booked a minimum of two weeks for exhibiting - the second week often sees visitors returning to purchase things that they saw previously. I enjoyed the event immensely even with the mistakes made though and will definitely be happy to return there in the future.
One final thought is my inclusion of a piece I raffled for Charity. It meant someone getting a work of art for the price a some raffle tickets; making it something that cost the individual a small amount of money, while the picture made a nice amount of money because of how many people didn't win. It proved to be a great way to raise funds for good causes and will be something I shall repeat in future exhibitions
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