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Who am I ? My name is sam, I born in 1988. I have been fascinated by the Art, the

Grafixart_Photo Publié: 11 octobre, 2018 / Modifié: 12 octobre, 2018
Who am I ? My name is sam, I born in 1988. I have been fascinated by the Art, the
My name is sam, I born in 1988. I have been fascinated by the Art, the imagination and the creativity since i'm kid. I remember draw, make graffiti, inventions. When I discover internet, the computers and that I had my first one, I seen myself an infinite world, an endless horizon.

I grew up in a modest family, in a small neighborhood, with only landscape concrete buildings, so I travel through the graphics universes, starting with playing with paintshoppro at the time, I also test the 3d via 3dsmax, then I discovered Photoshop, I took a lot of taste and especially I found an infinite possibility to develop my ideas. Then came studies, college, high school, and studies that had nothing to do with what I want to do later. So I decided to stop, to focus on what I wanted, I started my own computer graphics business just after undertaking a distance education that I followed at home, to formalize my skills. Then a lot of time passed before I found my way, the real one, the photo editing. My heart to speak for me, passion has taken over everything, beyond the virtual pleasure of retouching, I find something physical that trigger in me.

I started instagram and the photo (more precisely the editing) in September 2017, I buy at the same time a sony a7 with a lens kit, a second hand. I found inspiration on instagram, learning on youtube and as I tried and managed to bring together: my skills, my inspirations and my imagination through an atypical style, between real and imaginary.

I give to others and give myself the desire to dream, travel through my retouches, think differently and approach things, places, moments with another eye, with a perception less raw, softer.

In all modesty, I became aware of the impact of social networks, when my edits begin to do the instagram tours on large pages, I also received many requests for partnerships, collaborations. I decided at the moment to stop my activity of graphic designer to concentrate only and only on my retouching activity.
I use 60% of the time Stock Photos for my montages, also my own photos and others sent by friends, collaborators, contests, etc…
I wish to develop 100% the photo and be able to retouch my own shots, I hope, very quickly. I let you discover my work and I thank you in advance, for your interest.

Contact me:

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