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I'm late to the party…

Planetry Publié: 12 mars, 2019 / Modifié: 12 mars, 2019
I'm late to the party…
Ctober 26th 2018, I was invited by We Are Zanna to their launch event/exhibition.

I hadn’t been involved or even to many art exhibition so this was an instant, steep learning curve. So, I was late to this party, but I'm glad I went!

I decided to take what I thought was my best piece of work at the time which was called ‘Bloss’ – just short for blossom; the ideas was about ‘tourist’ visiting another universe where all the normal assumptions these humans had of what things ‘looked like’ where changed, flipped upside-down.

I called this understanding ‘visual optics’.

For example all the foliage they had known on earth looked strangely different – things that would linger in the shadows now glow; things that were bright and colourful were colourless, black:
This design was one of the ‘photographs’ taken of this fascinating encounter – with the tourists being keen on ‘documenting’ their trip.

I learned more about speaking with other artists and engaging with guests to the exhibition which was so much fun because I like to talk. It was also new for people to see my work and actually like it.

On top of that – I sold this piece 100x100cm!

You can check out Zanna at
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