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Argentine Art & Its Protagonists, by César Magrini

Juan Kancepolski Publié: 20 février, 2020 / Modifié: 20 février, 2020
Argentine Art & Its Protagonists, by César Magrini
Argentine Art & Its Protagonists
César Magrini

Everything finds its exact place in the amazing world of this artist's painting, temperamental and dreamy, poetic and visionary. They do not reduce the dimension of their flight norms or conventions of certain movements, schools or styles: from their formal, kinetic and multivalid superbaroque par excellence, their work is capable of transcending - and does so very easily - currents, academies and trends, since their Art, with plenty of intelligence, catches us all. Heir of an ancient tradition that links him to metaphysical painting and linked to myths, he is changing, not clinging blindly to a style, but passing, in all comfort and always with the best results, from abstraction to figuration, in particular, in faces that preserve the mystery of its origins and its development, in an enveloping liturgy, with much sacred and much, also, deeply human. This legitimate creator demonstrates, on the other hand, that the temptations of a very bright color can be rejected, when the content of the painting is speaking equally to feelings and intellect. Nor do the problems of light worry him too much, which is always present in his fabrics as a guest of great category. And the intricate, careful and interconnected plot of the lines of his designs, which cross the surfaces of the frame in every possible way, speak, and very clearly, of a restless, nervous and passionate temperament, alert to the calls of the heart, however small they may seem, that he faithfully carries his paintings with a fiery, independent and valid language, a reflection of his incoercible fidelity.
(+34) 640186874
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