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Karen Colville's Music is on Bandcamp to enhance and express her paintings

Karen Colville Publié: 1 novembre, 2020 / Modifié: 1 novembre, 2020
Karen Colville's Music is on Bandcamp to enhance and express her paintings
Karen Colville started a year long journey on researching Artists as Basquat.

Jazz songs are available for $2 each in other countries, it can be less.

Https:// Colors of Love describes being an Artist.

Https:// Beautiful Sunset is appreciation for the beauty in this world.

Karen's decision to go on Bandcamp, was so more people could access her music with her art.

Karen also placed her music to a distributor that managed to get Karen's music on to Spotify.
The actual amounts that social media is paying Musicians unless they are already signed to a Major label are the ones benefit from representation, Streaming sites are also owned by Major celebrities, very few independents actually get heard.
Many of my Collectors also enjoy music, my preference to reach them when they invest in my paintings is by giving them access to buy my music. When an investor pays a large amount for a painting then I gift the music to them to compliment the Art painting. Music is not created free. Many people feel that Music ought to be as art, They fail to understand supplies and the Artists Vision and time it takes out of their lives to create an artistic creation is not free in this world. Someone is paying for it. Independent Artists need actual support, major labels and streaming services, do not treat the independent Artists fairly in compensation for their work where the quality of production is the same.
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